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A special kind of t-shirt, just for you!


Welcome to Tiger and Phoenix! We are a young t-shirt brand dedicated to authentic cultural style. Be it China, Japan, Korea or other Asian countries, we want to offer you unique t-shirt designs which cannot be found anywhere else. If you like art, folklore, philosophy or martial arts, whatever it may be, you will definitely find your perfect t-shirt here! From samurai to dragons, demons or mystical foxes, Asia has a vast and rich history of fantastic creatures and beautiful motives. We here at Tiger & Phoenix are always searching for unique images that we can print on t-shirts and then offer to you for a fair price.

Our t-shirts are all printed with DTG Printing which enables us to create vibrant colors, intricate motives, and lasting quality. Our textiles are 100% high-quality cotton and very durable. We had the idea to print these t-shirts because we love Asia and after travelling and visiting a lot of places over there and returning home eventually, we sadly weren’t able to find any of the cool stuff we saw over there in Europe. So we decided to spend some time researching the culture and history of these countries and captured a couple of their symbols for the west to enjoy as well.

In the future, we want to expand this shop with more designs and add more Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and bunch of other ones as well. If you like what we are doing here, please support us by checking out our selection of t-shirts and buy one or two if you think they are cool. Also, tell your friends about us and give us a like or follow on social media.


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