Beijing - capitals of china, japan, and south korea

The Capitals of China, Japan and South Korea

The Capitals

Hey there, it’s time for a new post on the main capitals of China, Japan, and South Korea. Get your weekly Asian know-how fix with our quick primers on what East Asia is all about.


bejing - capitals of china, japan, and south korea

Beijing 北京 or “capital in the north” as it roughly translates is the seat of power (and often creativity) in the People’s Republic of China. No other city in the world (probably) combines the ancient and historical with the modern and political like Beijing. The world’s third most populated city with nearly 25 million people, it hosts a variety of cultural heritage sites and world wonders like the Forbidden City or the Tiananmen Square. You can find literally everything in Beijing: art, culture, commerce, history, and politics. If you want to have some fun we recommend the area around the worker’s stadium 工人体育场, since it’s filled with cool clubs and bars.


tokyo - capitals of china, japan, and south korea

Pop-culture extravaganza. Do you love fashion? Do you love geek culture? Video Games? Manga? Or maybe you are interested in traditional tea ceremonies or samurai? Tokyo has EVERYTHING. Being the most pricey of the three cities mentioned, Tokyo is tough to enjoy on a low-budget BUT it is a must see anyway. No other city has this kind of blend of unique styles that you cannot find anywhere else in the world.


seuol - capitals of china, japan, and south korea

For us, Seoul is associated mainly with three things: technology, style and sex appeal. From plastic surgery to Korean BBQ over to fashionable youth cultures. South Korea is awesome. With its distinct blend of tasty and affordable food, high power sex appeal in the form of luxury fashion, Gangnam clubbing and distinctive street style, it is a blast to visit. But for people who want to find out more about Mugyo, traditional Korean art and history it offers other wonderful choices as well. If you want to party: Gangnam for the chic and super-sexy crowd. Hongdae for the urban people and Itaewon for the guys who want to get hammered next to American soldiers on leave (hint: the last one was sarcasm).


If you need to make a city trip in East Asia and you have the cash, visit those three. Doesn’t matter if it is food, clubbing, art, sights…you can find everywhere here. And while you at it, wear some fitting Chinese, Japanese or Korean t-shirts from us. Follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter for more blogs on East Asia.