chinese holidays

A list of all the official Chinese holidays

Chinese Holidays:

Here at Tiger & Phoenix, we want to teach you a bit about China and it the most important Chinese Holidays (not only sell our fantastic t-shirts…hehe). So here is a short list of the most important official Chinese holidays so you know when to congratulate your Chinese friends or celebrate yourself (if you are in China right now):

  • New Years Day – Jan 01
  • Chinese New Year – Between Jan-Feb
  • Qingming – April 4 or 5
  • May Day – May 01
  • Dragon Boat – 5th of the 5th lunar month
  • Mid-Autumn Day – August 15
  • National Day – Oct 01-03

We will teach you the meaning and significance of these days in upcoming posts. We will also introduce new designs and contests soon, so stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media!