chinese hotpot

Chinese Hotpot 火锅 is extremely tasty!

Chinese Hotpot is truly a wonderful experience

Usually eaten in winter time, Chinese hotpot is definitely one of our favourite dishes. It can actually be found in most East Asian and south-east Asian countries but especially in the north of China, it is hugely popular and you can find all shapes and forms of this dish if you look for specific restaurants specialising in it.

chinese hotpot

The way it works is that they will bring you a cooker or have a cooker already installed in the table, then get a nice sauce/broth going and serve up lots of meat, vegetables, mushrooms, wontons, eggs, dumplings, tofu or seafood on the side (raw). You then put the stuff you like most in the cooker (the hotpot) and stir it in the soup for couple minutes. You then fish out your ingredients, dip them in sauce and eat them. Pure culinary heaven!

There are many different popular variations of hotpot too, mostly in how the broth is prepared and what kind of sides they give you to cook in the pot. The social experience of getting Chinese hotpot with a bunch of friends is awesome too. Eating with family, friends, co-workers or people you want to network with is a huge part of asian culture. And hotpot is perfect for that. You sit around that pot, you stir, you drink beer, laugh and have an awesome time. It is a very social experience.

Check out this little video (it shows the Sichuan variation) to see a cooking hotpot in action, also why not show your appreciation for Chinese culture not only by munching their food but also wearing cool t-shirts? As usual, follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter if you like our brand!