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A list of all the official Japanese Holidays

Japanese Holidays:

As a continuation of our series on offical East Asian holidays, here a list of all relevant Japanese Holidays. In the future we will do more detailled posts on the meaning and nature of each holiday, but for now just check out this little list and make sure to celebrate them if you find yourself in Japan at that time.


Gantan – Jan 01

Seijin no Hi – 2nd Monday of January

National Foundation Day – Feb 11

Vernal Equinox Day – March 20

Showa Day – April 29 (Golden Week)

Constitutional Memorial Day – May 03 (Golden Week)

Greenery Day – May 04 (Golden Week)

Kodomo no Hi (Children’s Day)  – May 05 (Golden Week)

Umi no Hi (Marine Day) – 3rd Monday of July

Mountain Day – Aug 11

Respect for the Elderly Day – Sep 18

Autumnal Equinox Day – Sep 23 or 24

Taiiku no Hi (Health Sports Day) – 2nd Monday of October

Culture Day – Nov 03

Labour Thanksgiving Day – Nov 23

The Emperor’s Birthday – Dec 23


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