korean barbecue

Why you have to try Korean Barbecue!

Korean Barbecue:

This delicious and juicy way of eating meat (gogigui in Korean)is probably one of the most popular exports of Korean cuisine. The Korean barbecue (if you haven’t tried it yet – go do it now!) usually consists of roasting some beef, pork, chicken or seafood over a portable charcoal or gas grill, wrapping it in lettuce or other types of salad leafs and then dipping it into delicious salty and spicy sauces before eating it. Amazing, isn’t it?

Some restaurants use portable stoves which diminishes the experience a bit but is still very tasty (they often don’t have a choice because of fire regulations in their country). If you want the real deal you obviously have to go to Korea to check it out, but nonetheless you still should be able to find a nice Korean restaurant if you are living in a decent sized city.

The most common way of preparing the meat is called bulgogi, where the meat is cut into thin slices and marinated beforehand to increase the taste. A big nono is to fry vegetables on the grill, so don’t do that if you’re in a Korean restaurant. Especially if you’re a westerner the waiter will often cut, stirr and prepare the meat for you. Make sure to get some rice and kimchi in addition to that, top it up with a nice cold drink of Mango Juice mixed with Soju and you’re good to go. Here a little video to show you what I’m talking about:



So here you go, go and eat some Korean Barbecue before you starve, and while you’re at it, why not wear a cool Korean T-Shirt next time you go to your favourite Korean foodie place? If you like this blog, our shop and what we’re doing subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media!