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A list of all the offical South Korean Holidays

South Korean Holidays:

Last but not least, here is our list of official South Korean holidays. In the future, we will do more detailed posts on the meaning and nature of each holiday, but for now, just check out this little list and celebrate with some Soju and Korean friends when you have the opportunity.

New Year’s Day  – 1 Jan
Korean New Year – 1st day of 1st lunar month
Independence Movement Day – 1 Mar
Children’s Day – 5 May
Buddha’s Birthday – 8th day of 4th lunar month
Memorial Day – 6 Jun
Constitution Day – 17 Jul
Liberation Day – 15 Aug
Korean Thanksgiving -15th day of 8th lunar month
National Foundation Day – 3 Oct
Hangul Day – 9 Oct
Christmas – 25 Dec

Now our triad list of holidays (Japan, China, South Korea) is complete! Stay tuned for more useful information and subscribe to our blog and follow us on social media if you’re at it. Planning a trip to Korea? Wear one of our Korean T-Shirts!