About us

t-shirt company

Why did we create another t-shirt company?


Does the world really need another t-shirt company? Apparently it does. We couldn’t find one that SPECIALIZES in Asian designs. No, really we couldn’t and we TRIED. Why should you have to scout nightmarkets all over Bangkok, Hong Kong and who knows where just to find unqiue t-shirts that show your love for Asia? Thus Tiger & Phoenix was born. A cool and unique t-shirt is a statement. It says that you belong to a certain group of people.

A tribe. It can be pop-culture, humor or your passion for a certain area in the world. We spent a lot of time studying East Asia and  found out that there are many wonderful and fantastic motives out there which you simply cannot find anywhere else in the world.

That is why we decided to start this brand. To give YOU a way to express your individuality.  Tiger and Phoenix as a t-shirt company is for everybody out there who wants to look stylish while expressing his or her love for Asia.