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Our Plans for 2018 – New T-Shirts, Exciting Times!

Tiger & Phoenix T-Shirts in 2018

Happy New Year T-Shirt Fans!

I hope all you guys had a wonderful start into the new year. It’s been a while since our last micro-blog so I thought it would be a good idea to list what cool stuff we have planned for the shop in 2018. So here we go:

New t-shirt designs every month

We recently cleaned up our inventory and a lot of new designs. And we will continue to do so, we will add 5 (!) new designs every month in 2018. So make sure to come back from time to time and check out what’s new!

New categories in the shop

We changed the way we organize our shop. Instead of categorizing our t-shirts in terms of countries, we thought it is more easy if we just organize them according to general themes. So now we have martial arts, mythical creatures, art and animals. Feel free to check the out.

More activity on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

We recently revitalized our Instagram and focusing most of our attention on that right now, check it out @tigerandphoenix.tshirts. But we want to beef up our Facebook and Twitter too this year. Especially Facebook. We think it’s a great tool to post a lot of cool stories about Asia and design to entertain you guys.

We have a sweet newsletter now!

Next to you visit our site make sure to subscribe to our newsletter when that little pop-up fizzles your way. We offer a one-time 10% discount for every new subscriber and not only that. Once a month we send out an update with all the new t-shirts, blogs and even special discount codes. So make sure to not miss the special sale of your favourite t-shirt!


We have something very special planned for Q2 2018. We really want to give something back to our community, expand our brand AND do something cool for the world as well. Check back on this blog and subscribe to our newsletter if you want to not miss any updates in regards to this project! It’s gonna be awesome.

More fashion

T-Shirts are just the beginning. If this years goes well for Tiger & Phoenix we will bring you hoodies, caps and even jewellery. Stay tuned.


2018 is looking to be an exciting year for us. We hope you will stay loyal to us and don’t forget spring and summer are coming so better get your tees in order.


We wish you the very best in 2018!
– Your Tiger & Phoenix Team

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