The Phoenix and The Dragon in Chinese Mythology

The Phoenix and The Dragon

The Phoenix and the Dragon are two of the most prominent symbols of Chinese culture. Traditionally the dragon symbolises the emperor and the phoenix the empress. But they also are symbols of spirituality and Daoism.


The Dragon

the phoenix and the dragon

The Chinese dragon 龙 is usually depicted as a snake with four legs and traditionally has power of the elements related to water like rainfall, typhoons, floods and storms. On a metaphorical sense (in folklore, literature and art) the dragon symbolises power, strength and good fortune for good people.


The Phoenix

the phoenix and the dragon

The Chinese phoenix 凤凰 is often shown as a colourful peacock-like bird (not to be confused with the burning western Phoenix). Traditionally it has power over the element air, and as such his different body parts represent the sky, the moon and the sun. Paired up with the male dragon it becomes the symbol of feminity, harmony, family, duty and virtue. In the daoistic sense, the dragon and the phoenix (often similar to the dragon and the tiger) represent the cosmological concept of yin and yang and as such the greater Dao itself.


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